Underbust Leather Chic Corset

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Elevate your allure with our Leather Underbust Corset, meticulously handcrafted from 100% Nappa Leather. Made-To-Measure for a flawless fit, it embraces your natural measurements, ensuring unparalleled comfort and style. Invest in bespoke luxury and accentuate your unique curves today.

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Leather Corset

Indulge in luxury with our Leather Underbust Corset,while meticulously crafted from 100% Nappa Leather. Elevate your style with a corset tailored exclusively to you,also thanks to our Made-To-Measure service.

Our Made-To-Measure corsets are designed to accentuate your natural curves. We take also precise measurements of your Over bust for leather underbust corset, Bust at Fullest, Underbust, Waist, and Hip for Overbust styles,consequently ensuring a perfect fit that complements your unique figure.

For our underbust corset, we consider your Natural measurement of Under bust, waist, and hip to create a truly personalized piece. Be prepared for the ultimate in comfort and style, as Made-To-Measure Corsets involve intricate pattern drafting and manufacturing processes, customized to your individual preferences.

Please note that Made-To-Measure Corsets are a premium option and may be more expensive than standard ready-to-wear corsets. However, the investment is worth every penny for a corset that embraces your natural measurements, providing unparalleled comfort and a stunning silhouette.

In summary, our Leather Underbust Corset is a symbol of luxury and individuality. Treat yourself to the perfect fit, crafted from premium Nappa Leather, and experience the confidence that comes with wearing a truly personalized masterpiece. Discover the world of bespoke corsetry today!


  • Luxurious Leather Underbust Corset
  • Crafted from 100% Nappa Leather
  • Tailored to your unique measurements
  • Made-To-Measure for a perfect fit
  • Precision in Over bust, Bust at Fullest, Underbust, Waist, and Hip measurements for Overbust styles
  • Natural measurement consideration for Underbust corsets
  • Customized pattern drafting and manufacturing
  • Premium quality, individualized comfort
  • Investment in Made-To-Measure excellence
  • Elevate your style and confidence with a personalized masterpiece
  • Free Delivery

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